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Business Structure and Funding Guide

Business Structure and Funding Guide

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This Business Structure & Funding Guide was assembled by a team of business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the power of leveraging business credit. Many of the contributors to this guide gained this knowledge the hard way through trial and error and a host of mistakes, denials, and missed opportunities along the way.

The great news is by following this guide, you'll get an opportunity to bypass majority of the "red tape" and be in position to realize success much sooner than most! The wealthy have understood and exercised the information and concepts in this guide for generations, and now you can too!

One of your main goals should be to obtain assets through your business without these assets being attached to you personally, so you can minimize the risks and liabilities these assets may carry. How is this done? We're glad you asked...the process is simple. Not easy, but simple! 

The first step is (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP) to have a solid personal credit profile. As you are starting out in business, most likely, lenders and creditors will pull your personal credit to validate and justify any extension of debt they offer you. In many cases, you will have to personally guarantee (PG) the debt.

The second step is to follow this guide to the "T." Throughout the process, you will learn that accounts established using your business EIN, even if they are personally guaranteed, typically do not report on your personal credit profile. This simple piece of information, if exercised properly, should allow you to rinse and repeat the cycle of obtaining business funding and assets. Eventually, as your business grows and establishes credibility, it will no longer need a personal guarantor, which disconnects your personal ties and provides you an extra layer of protection.

As you go through this guide, please remember it is not whether you know the information, or you've heard it before, you must apply it. We wish you the best and hope this guide assists you in reaching your fullest potential!


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